20 Foot Storage Unit

This is the most popular option, the 20 foot container which holds an amazing amount of items.
They can of course be cleverly stacked from floor to ceiling and wall to wall to make full use of the cavernous space.
Are you drowning under an ever increasing amount of household items? then it’s time to rent an extra space and get your house back.
These Storage Units are of course useful for any storage not just house contents, many business people are now renting units to carry all their stock or tools etc and run their business from a mobile phone cutting the cost of renting factory units etc.
Nothing could be easier, just pop in and see us for an instant decision, no hassle, quick and simple.
Look forward to seeing you soon.

If you need a larger storage unit then we do have a few 40 Foot Lockups available, best to phone first to make a reservation.